corporate structure

Sharq Investment is managed by its Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Investment Committee that work within an integrated system to analyze and acquire investments in the market. Sharq Investment's senior management has been piloting the company in its efforts to lead investors into the new dawn of investment opportunities. Our business strategy is based around the core principles of transparency and is specifically designed to meet the needs of the market.

Our investment professionals work together, capitalizing on their wealth of contacts and close business relationships, to make sound investment decisions, which reinvigorate the companies we invest in. Through our solid network of contacts and deep-rooted, personal relationships with investment partners, we strive to strengthen their long-term prospects in addition to creating value for all of our stakeholders.

Sharq Investment’s underlying investment philosophy is to take a long-term view, follow strict investment criteria targeting businesses with good management and credible strategies.

The company focuses on the creation and maximization of long-term shareholder value through partnership with the management of the assets in which it invests and makes returns on investments which outperform industry benchmarks. Our professional expertise and winning partnerships with leading entrepreneurs, prominent institutions and business groups, both internationally and regionally, are its key assets.

Board Members

  • Mr. Hani Fawaz Jawabreh - Chairman
  • Mr. Adel Taher Al-Nakas - Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Khaled Khalil Awwad - Board member - Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Yaser Abu Al-Hasan - Board member (Independent)
  • Mr. Khaldoun Al-Adawi - Board member

management team

  • Mr. Khaled Awad - Chief Executive Officer
  • Mr. Abdou Al Basyouni - Chief Financial Officer