Operational & Ethics Policies & Procedures

To promote the principle of governance Sharq Investment Company has developed an integrated system consisting of a set of policies, procedures, plans, organizational structures, administrative powers that governs all tasks and Ethics in order to achieve efficient and effective performance of the control and compliance, such as: -

1. The company’s organizational structure and different administrative levels.
2. Authority Matrix.
3. Policies and Procedures Manual for Risk Management.
4. Policies and Procedures Manual for Internal audit.
5. Policies and Procedures Manual for Compliance.
6. Policies and Procedures Manual for AML.
7. Policies and Procedures Manual For Investor relation unit.
8. Conflicts of Interest & Stakeholders Interest policy.
9. Shareholders Rights Policy.
10. Transactions with related parties policy.
11. Disclosures and Transparency policy.
12. Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.
13. Code of Business Conduct and Ethical Standards Policy.
14. Board of directors, Committee member, executive management Key performance indicators policy.
15. BOD and Executive management Training policy.
16. BoD Business Charter.
17. Committees Business Charter.
18. Executive Management Business Charter.
19. Emergency plans and ensuring business continuity.
20. Protection of whistleblowers in respect of any unlawful practice policy.
21. Legal Affairs and client complaints policy.
22. Privacy and confidentiality of information policy.

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