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Board Risk Committee

The objective of this Risk Management Committee is to lay down the broad principles and guidelines for identifying, measuring, managing and mitigating Sharq Investment’s risk exposures and embedding risk management within the company’s strategy, culture and business activities.

Scope of Risk Committee

  • Prepare and review the risk management policies of SIC before approving it from the BOD.
  • Evaluate systems and mechanisms of identifying, measuring and monitoring various risk types that the Company may face for the purpose of identifying any deficiencies.
  • Assist the BOD in identifying and evaluating the level of risk limits/thresholds of the Company, and ensure that the Company does not exceed the level approved by the BOD.
  • Review and recommend updates to the organizational structure of risk management before obtaining approval from the BOD.
  • Ensure the independence of risk management employees of SIC from the activities that results in exposing the Company to risks.
  • Ensure that the risk management employees of SIC have full understanding of the risks facing the Company and work on increasing the employee awareness of those risks and their knowledge of the same.
  • Review periodic reports submitted by risk management concerning the nature of the risks that the Company faces and proposed recommendations to mitigate the associated risks.
  • Review the related issues that are raised by the Board Audit Committee that may affect the risk management within the Company.
  • Report on risk management activities to the BOD on a regular basis and make such recommendations with respect to such matters as the Committee may deem necessary or appropriate.